piano teacher, prayer request and holding hands {7QT}

1. Board exam is coming up!!! 
I have a week before I take a $2800 exam.

$2800 =  2 Louis Vuitton neverfull PMs =   12 Medela pump-in-style breastpumps =  5 Kate spade crossbody bags = 182 Something Other Than God hardcover books (written by our host!!!) = 273 DVD copies of Divergent = 13,156 diapers.

I appreciate all the prayers you send my way.

2.  I am no homeschooling mom.
Praising all those moms who have the discipline and patience to homeschool little minds. I realized quickly that my vocation besides being a mom is also working outside of home. When I was young, my dreams were:
~ be a nun
~ or  be a pediatrician
~ or be a Kindergarten teacher

scratch dream #3. I do not have enough patience... sad confession.

3. piano teacher
I started teaching Daniel how to read music and play the piano. We made it to page 4.... He knows how to find C's all over the keyboard. He knows how to play middle C and holding the key for 4 counts if it's a whole note.

One night this week, he totally lost interest because "it got harder" according to Derrick. So Daniel said: I am bored.

This book is geared towards young learners. The pace is perfect for my 5 year old. I was okay just playing middle C for a week (!) but he was the one who wanted to see page 5-6. Obviously, his mind was not ready. We quit after 5 minutes of instruction. 

Isabel, on the other hand, is still too young.... I have to approach music some other way with her.

4. The blog has a facebook page....
stop by and give me a thumbs-up.
thanks a mil!

5. Did you see my eshakti review posted mid-week?
eShakti is so generous giving me such a lovely dress. 

6. holding hands
sharing my fave #365photo this week....

7. Outfit take
The lace knit top reminds me of a Filipiana cover-up. So pretty and dainty and feminine.

Cropped lace knit top ~ clearance on Abercrombie
Blue Dress ~ also seen here, from U/O, similar but more daring.

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