Exaltation of the Cross {wiws}

It's a beautiful day at church. My favorite Scripture passage was the second reading. The entire Gospel story is summarized in those 5 passages. I always get goosebumps reading/hearing those verses.  I will read the same verses at my friend's wedding in less than a month.

I went to Mass yesterday with the family... and then again tonight as I played two songs during Communion. At this stage of my mommyhood, I cannot bring the children to church if I am accompanying the cantors. I would not do that to my husband ~ leave him corralling all three children while they freak out to go to mommy who is playing the piano... I can see it already. 

When I chose this day randomly (yes randomly) to finally play in public, I did not know
1. it's a special feastday
2. my favorite Scripture is the second reading

I chalk it up as the doing of the Holy Spirit. It's all HS.

Dress ~ also seen here, prego with Bastian
Studded wedges ~ aerosoles, from zulily
Cardi ~ old from the Loft
Bling ~ from Kaitlin's IG closet

If you have time during this week, before the next bulletin is posted, please read my pastor's Sunday message. For my nonCatholic readers, the reason behind the Sign of the Cross is explained.

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  1. I love those red shoes combined with the monochromatic outfit! And I have the same problem at church because I cantor, and my husband is basically left to corral all 4 of the kiddos, who are like "Hey Mommy is singing!". Fortunately, though, we have a great community of supportive friends who help him out. So we tend to break up the group. 2 of my older girls go with a mom whose older children are in the Schola, our 2 year old stays with Daddy and my 4 month old bounces around from a wonderful mom of 9 children (who is used to babies!), Daddy, and me so I can nurse him during the homily, after which he falls asleep for the rest of Mass if we are lucky! It's quite the juggling act! And yeah, it totally is the Holy Spirit!!

  2. I giggled at "I can see it already" just imagining them running towards you mid song :) Love your dress! thanks for linking up with me at Tucker Up!


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