stripes and bordeaux with a special guest

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Do I have a Friday treat for you, dear readers! Lucas is my special guest.

Lucas is seventeen-months old. This toddler stage is a like-dislike stage.  A push and pull of sorts. A game of control and "who is the boss?" I love Lucas' independence and wit. I love that he still acts like my baby and signs milk or more (that means, cuddle time with mama). But then dismisses me once his sibs are back from school. He just wants to be like them. Running around, climbing and jumping, riding bikes.

We had to bring him to the ER a couple of weeks ago because of croup. Glad he got the dose of steroids otherwise our Nashville trip would have been cancelled. He had great improvement with resolution of the cough and swelling and squeaky breathing.

He also stayed overnight (two nights in fact!) with my mom for the first time. He had alone time with Lola while D and I celebrated our anniv weekend.

He got over that viral croup and got another URI from who knows where and got me sick as well. He showed symptoms of runny nose first then I had the cold. He was febrile then the following day I had a low-grade temp.

This boy loves to eat, eat, eat. He unfortunately likes to stuff his mouth but then has trouble chewing and swallowing. So he ends up spitting his food out. It's a dirty, messy sight.

I am growing out his hair. I have to put his bangs up in a samurai ponytail. When hubs take my photos, he is right behind him. He stands next to me and gives a BIG smile. Glad Derrick got these photos. I want to keep him this cute and young forever -- well, actually not. This toddler stage is fun but exhausting. I am thankful for you, Lucas. Happy namesake day (yesterday).

San Lucas,  patron of physicians, surgeons and artists - pray for us!

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