what is this shopstyle page?

Dress, from last year, Old Navy
Celine nano crossbody bag, preloved
Jimmy Choo pumps, skinny and high stilettos but actually comfortable. similar ones for less
earrings, kohls less than $10!
necklace - Our Lady of Providence; D initial necklace (exact one here)
lipstick, Ruby Woo

Blogging has changed quite a bit since I started in 2007.
Bloggers are now called influencers. I won't claim that title since I am still posting life updates here, lots of venting, lots of baby photos. I proudly claim that I am a mom-blogger. But this is also my "therapy page." Part of that therapy is posting beautiful things. I may not be able to control the state of the kitchen or the family room floor but I get a rush of happy hormones when I dress up, put on lipstick, and wear some bling.

I am happy to partner with Shopstyle because I can share my lovely finds to my friends and followers (that's you!)  and make a little portion for sending you to participating  retailers. Shopstyle is the "middle-man" connecting me with the retailers I shop from. There is no extra cost to you by using my links. I do get the credit so if you make a purchase. That means I receive  a percentage or commission from that order.  I appreciate my readers for using my links. Some influencers do this gig FULL-TIME. I  don't make enough to make this job full-time. But I do get a check and I thank my readers for supporting this blog.

I was walking my husband through my page and I realized how non-blogging folks still don't know much about the affiliate links or "shopmystyle" page. So I am dedicating this  post to explain a few things. 

On my shopstyle page:

You will land on this page. 

There will be squares or looks with the outfit or items I am sharing. The ones at the top are the current ones. You will have to click on the "see more looks" tab to find my old outfits.

Let's click on that left-most square where I share the 10% designer sale on Net-a-porter. 
You will be sent to this page.
You will see all the items I have linked on the right side of the square.

Let's click on the thumbnail of that beautiful red Saint Laurent bag. The one on the far right.

Once you click that link -- that is my affiliate link -- you will be sent to the retailer (on this case Net-a-porter) so you can check it out and see if you want to purchase it.

If you purchase it, since you clicked on my link, I will get a commission or percentage from that order.

Now, let's move to my blog.
see the shop my closet tab above ^^

If you click on that, you will land here:

It works similarly to my shopstyle page. You will find looks or squares. Items are linked.  Again, the most current ones are at the very top. These are the outfits or photos i share on my instagram and/or the blog.  For older outfits, again you will have to scroll down and click on the PLUS TAB to see more looks or squares.

Let's click on the left-most square with me wearing a floral maxi dress.
That square will enlarge.

You will find the items I am sharing below that photo.
Those thumbnails are links. Let's click on the thumbnail of the red version of my bag.

You will land on LuisaVia Roma's page so you can purchase the item.
Again, that link is an affiliate link. Thanks to shopstyle, I am able to partner with LuisaViaRoma.

If you have any questions, let me know.  Thank you again for using my links.

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  1. Such pretty colors in your outfit, and i love the black pumps!


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