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I remember freaking out about everything and wanting to be good at everything all at once. I was a medical student.. then an intern. My wise husband then told me that it will come with experience and time. I need to be patient and not be disheartened when I don't know everything already.

Now I look back and he was right.

Experience is needed by doctors. The learning curve as a first year MD is very steep. I had upper level residents and co-interns who helped me survive the rigorous training. I feel for those starting their jobs - alone in their field. Those who only have their superior or other co-workers who don't share the same job description. I was one of the 24 interns in my program. I may be 25  years old then, fresh out of medical school but I had a team of people alongside me feeling the pain, sleep-deprived but never alone. I learned so much during residency. Those years toughened me up. Those years were needed to help me mature.

Medicine is a tough field. Working with physicians (specially sleep-deprived, cranky ones) is tough. You will get yelled at. Incompetence and inefficiency are frowned upon. It is not enough to have good grades or amazing MCAT scores to succeed in medicine. The right attitude and openness to fail and learn and fail and learn, repeating that cycle gazilion times is necessary. The real test is how you come out of the almost-breaking point just when you thought you cannot do another hour of call anymore.

Being on the other side of residency, I want to be more understanding of our new MDs...  Call me cranky, but I do expect more from them. I expect them to step it up.  I expect them to examine the patient before calling a consult.  Same thing for other personnel at the hospital besides the residents. I am willing to teach and help out... but when I am doing their job for them, that's unacceptable. We all have our roles. 

Sorry. But the truth is medicine is tough. Working around doctors is tough.
Some people at a young age can handle things emotionally. shrug off comments and move on. Some may take time... May take years to master emotions.

Am I mean? Am I jaded? or this is what getting to be an older doc looks like?

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  1. I don't have what it takes to become a doctor, but I'm glad you do. We had an extra 16 months with my son before he passed from leukemia thanks to the care of his doctor (his cancer cells were haploid, so he had almost no chance). God bless you and all who give their lives to others in this way.

    1. Thank you for this sweet comment. Praying for you and your family. Comments like this from families remind me why I went into medicine. Thank you!


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