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outfit details
Yellow gingham dress RP everyday shop
Sandals of the summer
LV empreinte leather, montaigne MM
necklace and pendant from my mom

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It has taken me years but I am finally learning. When on-call for the weekend, I try* not to plan big activities or any activities at all. I have done that in the past and I get frustrated when I am paged several times during that one-hour activity. Plus I usually do not know how long rounds will take or how many patients to see until the morning of.  I learned to just go with the flow. See patients and finish whenever. Less stress and disappointment that way.

When we were done seeing patients at 1030a on Sunday, I knew I could quickly sign notes and leave by 11a. That meant, I'd be able to go to Mass at 1130a! The children were with my in-laws. Hubs has the baby. He and the baby already went to church the day before and they let me nap because of ~4 hours of sleep Friday night.

I haven't done this in months.... maybe a couple of years? I was able to go to Mass by myself. I was all alone (well, with other parishioners there). There were no shooshing kids. No chasing kids. No refereeing fights.  No trips to the cry room.

I sang, listened and read.  I prayed. It was not planned and it was a glorious treat for almost finishing call weekend.

The yellow dress I wore was a bit much for Sunday rounds. Usually residents were scrubs. I don't wear scrubs. I was half-hoping I'd be able to go to Mass later that afternoon and wanted to dress my best already.

This dress is a true wrap dress.  It's 100%cotton. I like it very much. Therefore, when RP everyday shop released the blue gingham version, I bought it right away! You will see it here sometime.

// white sandals //

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