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They say one's playlist tells you a lot about that person.
Here are seven songs from different artists on my playlist. I realize after outlining this that there will HAVE to be a part 2.

I am linking the songs/album that I found on vinyl (!)

1. Where's the Love by Hanson
I am going to see Hanson tonight (giddy!) Back in 1997, when they rose to fame, I was still a sophomore in highschool and same age as Taylor Hanson. Now we are both in our mid-30s. He has 5 kids. So am I!

2. Perm by Bruno Mars
I downloaded the album for Derrick's birthday last year. The children love this song!

3. My House by Flo Ri Da
Flo Ri Da has lots of songs in my playlist. The beats are catchy. They are good for Zumba and HIIT workouts.

4. I want it that way by the Backstreet Boys
Let's not forget that I am a BackstreetBoys fan! Their album is my very first album I purchased  -- in tape!

5. Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony
This became an instant fave after visiting Peru. The groom had the song on his playlist. I found it on amazon prime and downloaded it. The children sings with me, in Spanish!

6. Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N' Roses
It has been my dream to learn to play Sweet Child of Mine on the guitar.... If not guitar, then play the drums.

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7.  Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake
This was in the Top 40 hits during my engagement. His next song on that album My Love (which is also in my playlist) was released around the time of my wedding. That JT album is connected  to lots of memories.

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  1. I'm loving your classic black and white combo! That top is so cute!


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