the summer after high school

//blush colored flats //

Top, JCrew factory
Chloe Marcie, small
skirt, old from Anthropologie
Ballet flats, Jimmy Choo, similar ones here with beautiful jewels!
Specs Sunnies
earrings, old, similar hoop earrings

// saddle bags that won't break the bank //

I had two summers after highschool. You ask how that was possible?
Schoolyear in the Philippines runs from June to March. I graduated highschool end of March then enjoyed my summer in the Philippines from April to May. My sister and I moved here right on my birthday, June 1st. Summer here in the US just started when we moved. My fall semester at IUPUI did not start until mid-August. So I had a second summer in Indiana that year!

It was great doing pretty much *nothing studying-wise for 4 months.  No school, no homework. We traveled that summer. We went to King's Island in Cincinnati. We went to see Niagara Falls, Canadian side. I learned how to drive. I passed my driving test a week before starting college.

The 4 months of a slow-pace living were needed because of all the transitions. Culture change, weather change (not during those 4 months but pretty soon when winter came), getting acclimated to a new country, fully speaking my second language all the time.

It helped that I was young and "pliable." I see how harder it was for my dad and grandma who moved here later. Children and even young adults like me adapt much better to culture change. I did not have a choice either. I was driven to get into medical school. I wanted to succeed in college. I made friends. I adapted to the bigger school after having studied in a small parochial school then  academy for high school.

Moving here right in the summer helped with homesickness.  There's lots of sunlight. I enjoyed the long days and sunsets at 9pm. My mom, sister and I frequented Target and K-mart shopping accessories and clothes.

It was a fun summer.

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