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Manolo satin pumps
Le specs sunnies,exact one

I asked my children and husband which cartoon character best represents me.
Here are their answers.

My almost seven-year-old answered:  Dora
Because I say: "Let's explore. Let's learn new things."

Questions running inside my (big) head.
Do I have a big head?
Am I annoying, sometimes.. all the time?

My nine-year-old answered:  Milly of Team Umizoomi
Because I have long hair. I like science. I like pink. She wears pink.

Then he gave me a second answer. I can be Dora's backpack too.
Because I like bags, he said.

I'd like to think that I can be Dora's backpack because I am/have full of surprises. I have gadgets. I can be helpful. I am reliable.

Hubs' answer: Jasmine
He said: I don't take orders from anybody.

I would agree with my husband's choice not because of his reason; but because like Princess Jasmine, I am tough. I make sure I am heard. I make my own choices (thankfully no arranged marriage for me!) Plus she is gorgeous and has long black hair!

Princess Jasmine is my favorite Disney princess. I dressed up as Jasmine when I was in 4th grade for our school parade. My sister and I owned the VHS tape of the movie Aladdin. We played it over and over and over again. My sister knows Genie's lines! (If I have millennial readers here, they might ask, what's a VHS?)

How about you? Which cartoon character best represents you?

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