day trip to george washington's mount vernon {photo diary}

Kitchen at Mount Vernon. Look at that worktable. It is as big as my breakfast table right now. Just shows no matter what size of the kitchen, as long as it is functional, it is a good kitchen!

Selfie of the 3rd place holders. We had an amazing race family edition to Mount Vernon. My dad and his sisters made it there first. They did as it should be because their youngest member is 14 years old. Nobody age 9 and younger for the winners.

My sis and her family made it second place.  They came from the north, less miles. We were third place. My aunt and her 3 kids made it 4th. My cousin with her two young ones (ages 2 and 2 months) made it last. In their defense, the schedule is usually ran by the baby. They are ok arriving last.

100-year-old tree at the estate
Look at this backyard! This house is a keeper!

George's tomb
Martha next to George

After the day at Mount Vernon, we dropped off my cousin in Baltimore. Their flight leaves early the next day. We had take out and ate at the aircraft observation park watching planes land.

Girls' dresses are from H&M. My nieces' dresses sewn by my sister.
More H&M here

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