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// KSNY bangles //

dress, Forever21, old ~ similar here
necklace and bracelet, KSNY (mine are old and sold out but there are lots of cute KSNY items!)

// KSNY necklaces //

1. My seven songs on my playlist part ii will be published next week. If you missed my first installment, head here.

2. current faves:
I am loving these Rachel Parcell Dresses from ther RP Everyday Shop. I have blogged about one already. I wore it on my weekend on call which put a pep on my step since I was sleep-deprived.

My other faves are this dress and this dress.

3. Father Brown
This is my current netflix show. I am not binge-watching as much as before, not like those days of Criminal Minds or Riverdale or The Crown. After one episode, I am done. Maybe because it's late at night when I get a chance to watch and I just want to sleep.

4. Found these -thanks to Stephanie!
I am implementing the chore chart, finally. Right now, I only have charts for the older three. Some moms are able to involve their 3 year old preschooler with chore charts but right now, I am avoiding that battle. I do ask Lucy to clean up with me but I am not making it "formal" like with the older three. I found really helpful chore charts from Lindsay and from Stephanie.
I get excited about chore charts. But knowing myself (and my kids) I want to start something small and achievable. First day was a success. They all checked off their boxes.
I need ideas on treats and rewards! I would like to avoid candy. Ages of my kids involve are 9 yo, 7 and 5 yo. Please send ideas my way.

5.  first week of school
We have had 5 days under our belt. There have been tantrums and full-blown cries. From Isabel, I already expected those moments. But poor Bastian! Three days out of five, he just fell apart after a little thing. Like Isabel writing his name on his worksheet. Granted, he worked so hard writing his letters all in alphabetical order. Then older sis just took over and signed his name for him. He cried for a good 15 minutes. I gave him hugs (which he needed after a full day in school!) Then once he calmed down, he worked on his workbook some more, alone, in the kitchen. I understand him fully! After a long day at work or at home, some ME-alone time is much needed. A five-year old needs it. Mom needs it.

6. Lipstick mistake turned treasure!
I have been on the lookout for a non-drugstore hot pink lipstick. I shy away from nude lipsticks because I would rather wear lipgloss and keep my natural nude color lip. I love hot red lipsticks. I have this, and this (dark lippie with touch of purple) and this and this!
Thanks to my friend SJ for giving me my first MAC lipstick..

So back to the hot pink lipstick search ~ I bought this because it looked so good on lots of bloggers. well, well. Totally weird looking ON ME and not my color. Instead of wiping it off, I put my russian red lipstick on top and VOILA! It is the pink color I have been searching for. I am not sad anymore that I made a mistake on this nude with touch of pink lipstick. I can wear it then layer it with russian red and I have my pink lipstick!

7. Sheenazing award
Thanks to all who voted for me. I did not win the best-kept secret category, but so happy that I got nominated and friends voted. Thank you!
I blog because it's therapeutic. I blog because of the community.  It does not hurt winning a "blogger academy award." ;)

Happy Friday, friends!
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  1. Ooh, I didn't know she had an everyday line! And lipstick is hard- even after reading reviews you never know how it'll look on yourself. I've definitely spent a good amount on ones that did NOT work for me, but it's nice when you find one that's just right.:)


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