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yellow top, thrifted, anthro
Celine luggage
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We were blessed with spring-like temps (without the spring allergies!) this weekend. Wearing these   ballet flats nor this yellow top I thrifted a couple of years ago was not part of the outfit planning. But with  temps in the 50s, who can say no to a bright color in this rainy grey day? I was inspired by  Andrea of momma in flipflops and her #closetorphanchallenge.  It's a challenge to wear neglected pieces in your closet.

The yellow top is neglected.
So is my Celine luggage.

It's tricky using this yellow bag - bec I don't think it's autumn or winter appropriate. I don't use her as much  but I want to. I sold my red one for this yellow combo.

In other news, we have a very mobile baby in our house! Lucas is only 8.5 months old. He is scooting everywhere. He is FAST. Gone are the days that I may be able to blog a little bit while he is playing. He does not stay in a single spot anymore. I have to be on a lookout and make sure he is not eating bedroom slippers or pulling stuff off the coffee table.

Look what hubs did to keep him in one spot.
Of course the older kids wanted in on the fun.

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  1. LOVE the detail on the top and those shoes! So fun having spring temperatures for a bit, especially with no allergies in play :)


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