December in D.C.

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 I meant to post these photos of me and Lucas last month. But life happened. Advent turned to Christmas season and I totally forgot I already resized these photos.

Luckily, it's still  the ninth day of Christmas. So these photos are not that old.  In fact, they are still appropriate.

I love the lights and big tree at the city center. I wish we can keep lights throughout winter. We did not put any lights outside the house. But we put three trees up. Two on the main floor and one on the second floor. I love seeing them from the outside. Hubs calls them our "tree trifecta."

The small one in the library was my first tree in my first apartment. The live tree in our living room (named Bob) is the one you see on my instagram stories and feed. The one upstairs is up but not decorated.

It's been a lovely Christmas season.  Here's to enjoying the last few days before Epiphany.

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