Lucas @ 8 mos

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I am going to be that mom who exclaims: how could my baby be 8 months old already?
An older couple who are also regulars to our after-Mass eatery asked the owner last week if I was already pregnant with our 6th. Sorry to disappoint. But I am NOT pregnant. My baby may be 8 months old but that does not mean I am ready for another newborn.

But enough about me. Let's talk about this cutie!

He is ~
Scooting with his left leg tucked behind him and right leg flexed in front.
Pushing up. His upper body strength is getting stronger each day. He pushes up on small chairs and able to stay on his knees for a few seconds.
on MLK (Monday), he was able to pull up to knees for the first time.
Pretty soon he will be pulling up to stand!

He has a lot more vocalizations. baba. dada.

He is at the oral stage right now. Everything goes straight to his mouth. He loves to try different things. He had his second encounter with oranges today. He still likes it.

Not so fun:
If you noticed on the pictures above, the winter air is harsh on his skin. His cheeks are flushed, red and dry. It started in DC a month ago. We are trying to keep up with aquaphor but he also likes to rub his cheeks on our clothes or bed. So it's both the dry air and contact that aggravate his skin.

No well child check this month so I don't know his updated weight. He is wearing 9 month old clothes comfortably. Sometimes we even dress him using his new 12 month clothes he received during Christmas.
He still wears size 3 diapers.

I was given a 3 month old who slept for 6 hours straight. That baby changed his ways. He wakes up every 4 hours to feed. So at night he will have a MN then 4-5 am feed. Sometimes there will be a 2-230a feed in between! Talk about a tired mama here. 

I am actually thinking he has a "reverse cycle feeding thing" going on. He takes the bottle twice when I am at work. On a "good bottle feeding day", he takes it 3x. So when we are reunited, he is almost always starving and ready to nurse.

 He is a happy baby. He is go-with-the-flow. He gives smiles not just to his sibs but also to strangers who make happy faces. no Stranger anxiety yet.

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