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1. I have drank the most coffee this week than I have in residency! how could that be? I usually drink 16 oz halfcaf lattes or Kcups and done for the day.
I am still a half caf person. That has not change. A full caf gives me a super fast heart rate and sudden rush. I don't like the feeling. This week, I drink 8-12 oz at home, then maybe a second round of 16 oz during rounds then maybe another 16 oz after lunch.  I try not to drink any more coffee after 2p.

2. 40 years ago - Indiana had the 15.5 inches of snowfall! It was called the blizzard of '78.
Here we were complaining of  lots of snow this winter.  We only got dusting of 1-2 inches compared to that almost  two feet of snow!

3. If you haven't obtained your flu shot, please, please get it.
This month has been the deadliest month here in Indiana with 79 reported deaths already. The young and elderly are the most susceptible. They don't do well with the complications. But the young adults and adults younger than 65 don't fare well either. How sad that this mom died of complications of the flu. She was only 37. 

Hospitals have been placing visitor restrictions. If you are sick, do not visit a friend at the hospital. Wear a mask if you are patient going to see your doctor. Wash your hands! Protect one another.

For more info, head here ~ H3N2 strain is the most prevalent this flu-season. Unfortunately it is associated with more hospitalizations and deaths. Just because the vaccine effectiveness is only ~30%, that does not mean we should not get the flu shot. You will be protected from the other strains.

4. I miss my little ones!  I let Lucas sleep in my arms while I look over the charts before I go to bed.  He loves his milk but he has been waking up every 3-4 hours. He needs to eat more solids. I have sleep debt and no wonder needing a second or third round of half caf coffee.

5.  Fun break: we played headbandz after dinner. Everytime, I missed the item, I exclaimed: "this game sucks!" or "I don't like this game!"
When I get a point:   I shouted: "This game is awesome."

I was being sarcastic but little D called me a "flip flopper."

Guess who won the game.

"I love this game!"

6. I only saw Lucy once this week ~ last night. The other nights including tonight, she chose to stay with my in-laws. I miss her! These ward weeks are infrequent so I don't mind that she spends some nights with her lolo and lola.  Bastian spent two nights there. It actually helps D when he drops off the little ones in the morning. He does not have to wake them up, get them ready or carry them sleeping to the car.
It will be easier for him tomorrow just dropping off  the baby.

7. This weekend's plans ~
little D's baseball evals
Mass (of course)
play with kids
take outfit photos
blog about outfit photos
Also our small group from church has a planned get-together. It's been too long and I look forward to that event. We used to meet every other month but none in the past half a year!  I am bringing this  loaded cauliflower casserole that i brought during our keto holiday lunch, then again at my extended family's Christmas dinner.

Happy Friday eve! yay!

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