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sweaterdress, from last season, ASOS
tan leggings, F21, exact ones
Ugg mini bailey
LV crossbody

I may have found a solution for my indoor winter photos.  This filter....
No thanks to the warm glow lighting indoors. No thanks to the sun setting at 5:25pm.

Although, I am thankful it's past the winter solstice! Because every single day, there's an extra minute of daylight. WOOHOO! My mood takes a nose dive around October which is the change of seasons and the departure of summer, my fave season.

As much as I love celebrating my anniversary (in October) with the full swing of football season ~ I think I have cycles of depressive episodes around that time.

By January 31st, the sun will be setting at 6pm. Amazing!
Then by my birthday month (summer solstice), there's almost 15 hours of daylight. I am glad my birthday is in June.

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