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Dansko - Marcelle clogs

1. Viruses are everywhere!
Another PSA people. Please please wash your hands and cover your cough and sneezing. Today, close to 40 children are out because of a cough or cold or headache or fever (or combination of all those symptoms). That's a lot of children out sick in our small school.

2. Blue apron
I finally subscribed to Blue Apron meal delivery. My goals for subscribing:
~ I am in a cooking rut. I need ideas to  change my go - to recipes.
~ I need more vegetarian dishes. Salads can get boring.
~ I want to cook with Derrick.  So far we tag  team and have fun cooking together.
I will have a dedicated review post later on with pros and cons with a fun giveaway for y'all!

3. Grey's Anatomy
I skipped a couple of seasons and restarted watching Grey's Anatomy.  I stopped somewhere in season 8. I wanted to see how Christina left so I watched the last 5 episodes of season 10. Now I am in McDreamy's last few episodes before they killed him off!

Grey's anatomy started my second semester of first year of medical school. That's a long time ago.
I just shake my head when there's a bizarre pathology and even more bizarre procedure to fix it. Medicine is exciting but not that exciting. Let's not forget that this is still medical TV drama (highlight TV there).

4. Clogs
These clogs never get old. They still look pretty new despite owning them for several years. They are well-made.

5.  Thanks hubs for sharing this new Peyton Manning commercial. I LOVE IT!

6. Plans for this weekend
Superbowl anybody?
Who's tuning in for the commercials and the halftime show? How about Pink singing the national anthem?
I am going to make these wings.

7. Non-outfit photo I am sharing.

Lucy's smile is very forced... as if she's doing valsalva. (*facepalm)

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  1. Our family is split: some watch the Superbowl for the football, others for the commercials, still others watch just to root for the team I dislike, but thankfully we all enjoy the food. Good times, even with the trash talk!
    Thanks for linking up!


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