Lucas @ 7 mos

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Finally posting Lucas' 7 months milestones

"D.C. broke him."
Since our trip to DC when I attended my work conference, his sleep has been disrupted. He does not nap well during the day anymore. He wakes up every 3-4 hours at night. No more 6 hour stretches.... sad face emoji.

He loves to try pureed foods. But when he has to nurse, he has to nurse! This baby has lungs! He makes sure the entire house can hear him when he cries for me.  He signs for milk when he is so upset and had to be picked up. But I teach him back that the sign means milk. So I do it before I nurse.

I am behind taking his 7 month old photos because it has been cloudy here. I want natural light since I am just an amateur photographer. Then he has been  sick with a cough... then a cold... then a one-day fever.... then back to a cough. He has viral bronchiolitis. I am so familiar with that cough from pediatric residency.

Then when it's sunny, his nose just keeps trickling with that mucusy disgusting stuff. I know excuses, excuses. This mom has lots of excuses.

We will make it up next month (or more like 6 days from now, buddy) for your 8 month photos. I will make sure to capture your bottom two teeth. I had some but they were all blurry.

So happy to see you growing and smiling and babbling. Your sibs love you. Your cousins enjoyed holiday break with you.

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