christmas photo diary {sqt}

1. I realize that the photo of our Christmas card did not give the family photo justice. It was an impromptu "we need a family photo for our card, NOW" moment. Sis was in town for Thanksgiving. I just got off of work. But I had time to curl my hair. Kids were dressed decently. We did not have matchy-matchy pinterest outfits but the end result was perfect. Nobody crying. Nobody picking their nose. Thanks sissy for this lovely 2017 Christmas card family photo.

2. We have two children who participated at the school Christmas program. Thanks lola for watching the younger children so I can enjoy the presentation without having to chase a toddler or hush a crying baby.

3.  Christmas program outfit deets here (affiliate links are used)
plaid tunic, DCB, similar here and here
leggings, F21
flats, YSL, won on FP outlet via eBay, similar
vest, exact one

Isabel's gold dress ~ from last year.

4.  Christmas Eve ~
My children participated in their very first white elephant exchange gift. They wanted to open presents instead of "steal" a gift. Lil D got shower gel and lotion. He gifted those to me the next day.

I also tried my very first Whiskey on the rocks....
I am still a tequila gal.

5.  Christmas Eve Mass specially the Children's Mass is packed! Every year it's packed.
We had to be at the parish offices an hour before Mass because my older three donned costumes for the Las Posadas. That meant we had to get everybody ready by 2p. Above photos are the best ones I got... one of these years, I will have something that's not blurry.

Children's Christmas Best outfits from Auntie Feli. Thank you, Auntie!
Girls dresses --- Lucy's here
Isabel's here

Lucy's toms here

Boys matching vests outfits here
I love Bastian's shoe-style the best!

6.  With the busyness of Christmas Eve, I did not have photos of my outfit. Just the one of me and Derrick after Mass which i still like... we do not have a lot of photos together that are not selfies.

My dress here, exact one
Booties are old, honeymoon present
ESS Mass journal peeking in my bag

7.  I end this post with our annual Christmas Jammies photo.

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