when I am late, I am really late

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A good friend and I were discussing about this: we are both optimists in terms of our arrival time.
We assume that the lights are going to be in our favor. we will get there on time.  However, stars rarely align in perfect lines. The stoplights are never timed. The baby's diaper explodes. The toddler wants a snack and a drink on our way out. How about the tantrums and the  missing sandal and the fights? 
So when I am late, I am not just 5 minutes late. I am really late.

This is not the case when I have a newborn though. I add 15 minutes to the time that I think we should leave. If we have to leave by 10a for 10:30a doctor's appt, I get the children out the door by 9:45a. The result: we are 20 minutes early.

How come I don't continue that? How come I slack off once the newborn is not a newborn anymore? How come I go back to my old ways and leave at the very. last. minute???  

Here's another observation:
I am also more successful at arriving early or just in time when I have all of my children. When it's just one child or sometimes, no child {i.e. I am alone} and I have to be somewhere, I actually end up being late.

My husband's theory is that when I have all kids, I leave much, much earlier.  I am also focused at the task of getting ready rather than doing this and that.  But when I am alone {or just have one or two children}, I take my time and I am more relaxed. So the results is what one would expect. we are, again, late.

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  1. Ha- so true! So many things to factor in that inevitably add to the delay in arriving on time. Life with kids!

  2. Great post! Love this bag!



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