happy monday, mom of 5


on me:
bangles, from my grandma

on Lucy:

Louis Vuitton, Neverfull MM, Damier ebene with Rose ballerine interior

^she's way too close to these plants. It's freaking me out. I am 92.8% certain there's poison ivy somewhere there. ^

Mondays are a shock to the system. I definitely received lots of presents.

I cleaned up a puddle of urine as soon as I woke up. Somebody did not make it to the toilet because he refused to use his legs properly. He has a bruised knee and was scooting around the house on his bottom.

with so much frustration, I dug around boxes and looked for a shirt and pair of shorts. I found the blue Mother Mary shirt from my good friend, Sr. Solanus. I put it on and it was way too tight on the chest area. I had to find a back-up top. ok tunic it is....

I changed 3 children, sadly with not enough patience since I raised my voice... I chased baby D4 - she thought it was a game of "let baby cry while momma is changing me."

I fed baby then burped him. Baby burped, and up he regurgitated, give or take, an oz of milk. There's trickle of milk on my tunic all the way down to my left leg. I was back to the boxes to find another loose fitting shirt.

I received a message from hubs. He forgot to send a water bottle to our camper who was outside in the 80degree heat. I about almost flipped.

I failed to mention my morning only involved 4 children, the fifth one was at camp.

I led the chicks to the mudroom to put on their sandals. I need help, says babyD4.
Please pick me up, says Baby D3.

We made it to the baseball fields and I dropped off D's water bottle. Kids were still hungry so we stopped by for bagels. Might as well make the trip worth it right?

Lunch-time. I shared my soup with baby D4. She wiped her face {maybe gave me a kiss?} on my back. Thanks for sharing your soup, sweetheart.

I was tested that Monday. I could have been more patient. I could have been more loving.
Let me tell you: the power of prayer -- it's a strong one. When I was being pulled in all directions; When >2 children screaming, mommy, at the same time, I prayed an Our Father. I offered that moment of stress and whispered a thank you to the Lord.

I shifted my focus and found things I was thankful for:
-- camp that is 5 minutes away
-- the 4 littles did not cry all at the same time (just one after the other)
-- friend who lent us a swing that works (Lucas loves the swing)
-- time off  of work to heal and spend time with my babies
-- chocolate chip bagels
-- bright, sunny summer day.

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