pink does not get old {my Sunday best}

Sacred Heart pendant, Etsy
watch, Ann Klein, bracelet set, similar

YSL Tribute - splurge
skirt, Thalia Sodi, Macy's
sunglasses, use code NewShades4You for 10% off
lipstick, Russian Red {gift}

I finally turned on my laptop since I blogged my last post on Memorial Day.  I have over 5 outfit posts on my camera that I downloaded today.

Below is a list of my excuses:
-- If I am not holding my one-month old, I am carrying my 2 year old.
-- I am also either napping or reading.
-- It is taking me a long time to paint my closet system. {pounding head against wall} Prime painting time is 10p-11p, when I have finally parted from my good nurser.  Hubs can watch him if he wakes up after cluster feeding.
-- Feed older kids, clean up, feed them again, clean up, feed them again. Daddy's home!

That's pretty much life now-a-days. It's definitely not the norm when I get to dress up, put on nice shoes and take photos.

Pink does not get old. I was going to return this top after seeing how "wide" it is. But I tried it on and decided to wear a high waisted scuba skirt and decided to keep it.  It seems wide because of the peplum style and the fluttery sleeves.

I cannot resist wearing my platform Tributes. When else am I going to wear these??? They're not even the highest heel for the Tributes which are 4 inches. To complete the PINK LOOK, I wore my new #SanFran sunglasses. I have been wearing these mirrored sunglasses daily for the past few days. I like them that much.

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  1. That pink is so great on you! And no apologies for life getting in the way of blogging - that's a sign you're doing the real important work in life 😊

    1. the blog break was refreshing. glad i am back for sunday best link up this week.

  2. Those shoes!!! You look lovely. :)

  3. That is such an exquisite outfit!! I dig those heels, and the skirt is fantastic! Glad you were able to link up this week... but, we understand if life gets in the way. Keep taking care of you, and yours! You look beautiful in these pictures!! 🤗

    1. thanks for liking the heels -- i feel "weird" wearing them since they are not my usual style. But they are pink. I could not pass pink and something discounted.

  4. Very cute! Great choice pairing the poofy with the scuba skirt! And, I get it! Life gets so busy, it's hard to get to the computer sometimes! Thanks so much for linking up!

  5. WOW you nailed this one. The pink pieces are gorgeous and perfect for Summer, Sarah. You look great so soon after having a baby.

    Welcome by Thursday and linkup with me babe. Thanks, Ada. =)


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