Lucas @ 1 month

weight: 10 lbs 2 oz 50-75th percentile
length: 21.5 inches 50th percentile

As much as I'd like to keep up with the actual baby books for the kiddos, I almost always want to blog rather than write. doctor handwriting anybody? if I want to refer back to children's weights or a certain milestone or detail of a birth story, I go to the navigation bar and type: "disisd birthstory" or "disisd insert child name here" etc etc. Thank you google.

Enough about me. Let's go back to the big chunker.

The good ~
Eating: what a good eater. He eats every 2-3 hours during the day. But at night he lets me sleep for a stretch of 4-5 hours. That’s a big deal.
Sleeping: I wish he is able to sleep when not being held during the day. He loves the swing. He can stay there for sometimes close to an hour. That is if there's no older sib making battle cries. 
Bottle: I haven’t started pumping so… that means no practice with bottle feeding yet. 
Milestones: can put head up 45 degrees on the prone position. 

The bad ~
His neonatal acne started. He scratches his face and then he breaks out on a rash. All of my children when they are a month old. Look at Bastian here.  They are twins with matching neonatal acne!
He has a floppy airway. Already talked to the pediatrician about it. He snores and makes these weird sounds when sleeping. Since he is gaining weight well and there are no signs of sickness or infection, we are just monitoring. In time, the muscles will get stronger and he won't "whistle" as much. 

In comparison to the other kids ~
He is a Sebastian carbon copy.
He eats like Daniel -- his nursing time is 15-25 minutes long. Unlike the middle three who nursed for 7-12 minutes and then they de-"latch."
He also uses the booba as a hiding place, like what his eldest Kuya did at this age. When we are at parties or dinner out, he nurses but not really chomping like he is hungry. Am I a pacifier?
He is a spitter like Ate Isabel. But unlike Isabel, he does not scream or cry when the milk comes back up. He looks uncomfortable but not very fussy.

Overall ~
Lucas gets an amazing A++ this month.  Feed him, change him, hold him and he is a happy baby.
You are a keeper, Mr. Lucas. we love you tons!

For sticker milestones, get them here.
For his birth story, head here.

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  1. Happy 1 month to your sweet babe! He is such a cutie!

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