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Linking up with Kelly for seven quick takes. It's only 11:12p so it's not too late this Friday!

unrelated photos of my children

1. I got  handsoap refills from Target which meant we need a liquid dispenser. I found these on trusty ole amazon. For the price of one at the store, you can get two dispensers! They are glass bottles with stainless steel pumps. 

2. I finally "moved into" my closet! yay! no more living in boxes and searching and searching for clothes that may or may not fit. These vintage rustic cast-iron hooks are perfect! I separate my clothes for the next day or couple of days and hang them on these hooks. I love being organized.  

3. For more organization, I bought these gray wicker shelf storage baskets. Some things that are folded do not stay neatly folded. For an easy solution, I place my sports items, bathing suits and other small folded items inside these baskets and then place them on my new shelves in my closet. Pier 1 imports -gray containers.

4. Seasonal clothes like my sweater dresses and thick, chunky wool sweaters are neatly put away. I got a couple of large, flexible totes.  I have definitely gone overboard with storage containers -- because I got a couple Laura Ashley storage (kids used one at the old house, now the set is all mine) and then jute storage bins from amazon with "storage" printed in front. I figured if I don't use them, they are good for storing toys. 

5. Have you tried the  McCafe - mango pineapple smoothie? It is yummy!

6. I was looking for something to binge-watch since I am finishing the last season of BONES. I thought about Friday night lights... but then hubs suggested JAG. I borrowed the first season from the library (but it's actually included in our amazon prime subscription). I LOVE IT. I am now on season 2.  David James Elliott reminds me of Matt Bomer of White Collar. (which is another series I enjoyed!)

7.  For something pink + green.
I love the ruffles of this dress! Anthro - last season, worn at our anniv trip at OBX.

other outfit deets:

Gucci padlock shoulder bag, thanks dear friend for bringing it home from Paris! I love this bag.
KSNY, watch and bracelet set
wedges, old zulily finds
tights, nordstromrack
St. Clare pendant

more pink dresses with ruffled hems below:

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  1. I love Friday Night Lights. Watched all the seasons on Netflix a couple years ago. "Texas forever!"

    1. You're the reason I thought I about FNL.... maybe after jag I'll watch FNL. Is it more like Dawson's creek? Gilmore girls? Gossip girl?


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