dress as old as my oldest -- minus a year {wiws}

old dress, Gap, year 2010
Chloe sandals, similar
lipstick, Tempt Berry

I am that person who PLANS her outfits. If there is a special day, I have a new outfit to remember it by. Graduation, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays...  It does not have to be my birthday either.
This is the SAME dress I wore at Daniel's first birthday. 
Things have somewhat changed. I still plan my outfits but I don't have a "new" outfit for every single child's birthday. Priorities change... plus I had to get the house ready for 5 boys to play Nintendo smash brothers.

Yesterday morning, I asked hubs what I should wear.
I know I wanted to wear something nice already for Vigil Mass. I saw hubs wear his green polo... then I saw this old dress!

ha. it still fits me... but you can tell I would have been better off with one size bigger with my current body habitus. 


 nail polish, OPI
flats - similar one and this one 


There were two moms and a baby staring at me while I stood "un-casually" for photos.  That's the risk I take (must accept) when we take photos near Babies R' Us. 

 Hubs love capturing my funny expressions

nail polish, OPI 


Happy Sunday, friends!

I am thinking of changing my blog theme to something like this.... or this....
what do you guys think?

just not sure yet if I want to give the color...

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  1. I love those pieces these I've had for ages that still fit:) So many memories!

  2. I'm pretty sure the skirt I wore today was at least ten years old :-P Your outfit is so lovely!


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