summer update {7QT}

dress, Old Navy
lace up flats, hautelook
Louis -- my babymoon present, 2015

1. If we are ig friends ~ you know that I went back to my dancer roots and signed up for summer ballet lessons. I am trying it out for 6 weeks to see if mommy guilt won't take over and I can leave the children for 1 hour every week. 



2.   Once I hit third year of medical school, I did not have summer breaks anymore. So I never really paid much attention if school is out or not. I was basically at work all the time. There is no more summer break. 

Now that I have children in regular school, I am sort of paying attention again. 

There is a big difference for them because they are either at home or at Lolo's... but for me, it's still the same routine. 

Go to work....

if I am not at work, that means I am home. 

3. Summer birthdays are here!
It started with my mom's... then mine....

Next up is Daniel and Derrick. 


4. we need a new fridge :(
don't cry over spilled milk.... and thawed out frozen milk...

but I am....
I am really sad we had to throw away bags and bags of milk.

5. New niece
I have a new niece. She's beautiful. She is my sister's smallest baby at 7 lbs and 5 oz.
Guess what ~ she's still 1 oz heavier than my heaviest one.

my heaviest is Isabel at 7 lbs and 4 oz. 


6. Don't laugh at my attempt at pirouettes. 
I need practice.... as evident with these pictures. 

A convo with hubs:

Me: Mr. so and so said politely and kindly that I need to go to a slower pace class. I did not know that I went to the advanced class. 

hubs: so you think you could join the advanced class after not doing classes for ~5 years?

Me: i did not know it was the advanced class (!)
I am going to the other one instead, same time. But it's intermediate. 

the following week. 

Hubs: was that class better?
Me: oh so much better. I was able to follow and not feel rushed... or stupid that I cannot make 3 back to back pirouettes!



7.Thank you for the comments/advise to prevent DIZZY SPELLS after doing tons of chaines turns. 
I definitely have neck tension and neck pain. When I am stressed at work, that's where I get tight first.... if it's really bad, then I get lower back pain.

i am inspired by this
and even this:

If you have any suggestions on how to decrease neck tension,  tips for neck massages... even ways to release tension when I am at work, please share!

Have a great Friday, friends!

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  1. Oh no! I hope you find a new one soon! I'd cry too if my stash defrosted on me, there's a lot of work that goes into building that up!

    Also, your shows are super cute!


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