if i was going to a wedding or date night, instead of chasing children


Does this outfit look familiar? like really, really familiar?
You are absolutely right! I just wore this outfit for church and posted it here. Let's play spot the difference. do you know that game? you compare PHOTO A and PHOTO B and spot the difference between the photos.

There are two things different from last week and this current post. I am being frivolous here. They are not hard to spot.

Difference #1: these high heels (super high enough for me) Christian Louboutin shoes.
My first pair of red soles!
And they are sparkly which screams perfect, perfect, perfect!
Now I just need Derrick to bring me somewhere fancy, somewhere sans children. 


similar heels and less than $30!


Difference #2:
My YSL Clutch. I did not use this at Mass. I changed my heels to something more sensible then I also put the clutch away.
I love how this outfit turned out.

Hubs, take me to the symphony.
or maybe Paris?
Rome, maybe, Rome???
are you reading this?




I kept the bombshell pink lipstick  from  post A to post B. The children were not sure if they like it or not. It worked out with the bright blouse, though.

Here's another view of those red soles. 



Would you wear this for date night?
What's your highest HIGH heeled shoe?

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  1. So pretty! I love the lace skirt! Sadly, I've consigned my highest heels b/c I hardly ever wore then and could barely walk. :(


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