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top, thrifted
skirt, ancient skirt, Loft

on Isabel: thanks @r4Lmarket for the top and shorts

awesome decision last year
 I was leaning towards getting a red bag
but glad I went with a the perfect neutral

 sandals, so comfy, similar
necklace, c/o my HS bff, from zulily

It's been awhile since I have done a post of Isabel-isms.

My mom: Isabel is the smartest. She remembers everything. 
... a few minutes later... we heard her say to her sibs: I am a genius.



Hubs took her to his work for his summer work picnic. Isabel doodled while he worked for a little bit. 
She said (apparently out of the blue): Daddy, we need a bigger house. Because if we have another baby, we do not have enough rooms. I stay with Lucy. Boys have their room. where are we going to put the baby? 

hubs said he heard chuckles from his co-workers. 

his boss: i thought she was talking to her dolls.
Hubs: nope. She was talking to me. And we are NOT pregnant. 


Isabel's dream when she grows up:
She says she is Doc Mcstuffins and wants to be a pet vet.

(few months ago, she wanted to be a mom and a doctor -- like me!)


Isabel has her birthday parties planned. I wonder where she got that planner/OCD trait???

She said: My 6th birthday party will be Doc McStuffins.

Me: Hunny, you're turning 5 this year.
She said: Yes, I know. I will have my Umi Zoomi party when I turn 5 years old.


Lola: I am taking Lucy tonight.
Isabel: you don't have milk in your booba.

(I wish I could insert an emoji here)
but I will leave you with that.

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  1. Lovely bag! I bought the same one in red last month, but I could definitely add a classic nude color to my collection too!



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