cry room or not?

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We are not the family who stays in the cry room during Mass. However, we do take the rambunctious, misbehaving toddlers/babies at the back of the Church.

We used the cry room before... but the move ended up backfiring on us. It's as if the children are given free pass to play or read aloud or even walk around with their bag of cheerios. (FYI, we stopped giving children snacks, even the toddlers... they abused it so that privilege for the babies is gone).

We sometimes go to another late morning Mass at a different parish. If we are running late, which is most of the time when we go there, we end up staying inside the cry room instead of trudging along to one of the side pews.

I am not against cry rooms. They are a good resource for crying babies (obviously), for nursing moms who don't want to feed in the main room or for even babbling children who love to hear their voice so they talk and babble nonstop.

I just think I am worse at managing/watching my children when we are in the cry room. Hubs also think that we are "rewarding" them when we take them there... so we just avoid it at baseline.

side note, I tried another pirouette. 
My arms and shoulders are way up high. I need a lot of work, don't I?


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