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a few whining points... feel free to skip if you are having a good day.

Mr. Very-Late is scheduled to see me at 9a for new patient appointment. He and his family traveled 2.5 hours to see me (sad enough, there are not a lot of peds neurologist  so lots of my patients travel quite a bit to see me).
I have never met this family.
There was no phone call at all before 9a to let the office know that they are running behind.
9:30a: still no patient.
10a: still no patient.

if this came out 5 years ago, I'd buy this one!

 10:15a: my Medical asst comes to the physician workroom. I can already tell with her body language why she came to see me. She said:
your 9a just called the call center. They said they are 10 minutes away.
Call center told them they will have to reschedule. But the mom of Mr. Very Late said: "well, we are still coming so you better do something about it"

First - this is probably third-hand at this point. I don't know if mom of Mr. Very Late even said those words. But sadly, I am not surprised if those exact words were uttered.

Second - when family says they are 10 minutes away, sad enough, it's not true. 10 minutes in our world equal 30 minutes away. 
Third - It just baffles me that Mr. Very Late and his family are not even at the office an hour and 15 minutes past their arrival time and they still expected to be seen. 

I know that I can run late... but I do not run 1 hour behind. even if I work some patients in and double book, I do not run 1 hour behind. 




There's a joke in our office:
Medical Assistant 1: your 9:30 just arrived. 
Dr.  Brain looks at her watch, it's 10:20a. She says: Apparently, appointments are optional. 

I said it's a joke but it's not funny. 

Dr. Brain said before: when you come late for your appointment, you are basically telling me (and your other doctors) that your child is more important than my child. That you don't care if you come late as long as your child is seen. Even if that means, I run past my clinic time just to accommodate you. 


That type of mentality is the reason for poor use of our Emergency Department.
Patients like Mr. Very Late come to the ER for sore throat and seasonal allergies instead of seeing their primary care doctor.

oh wait... Mr. Very Late does not even have a primary care doctor.

But that's another post for another day of whining.

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