when i was a resident

Yes, yes. It's another outfit post with a dozen or more photos!
But bear with me.
I want to remember stories from residency that I think it's time to share them here.

I did not blog much during intern year because:
a) I did not have time. I worked a lot (80 hour workweeks). When I was not working, I slept.
b) I was afraid that I'd blog about something at work and break patient confidentiality. So I just avoided it completely. {side note: that's also why I don't really talk much about my job or day-to-day work stuff here...}

It has been close to 10 years (gasp!) since I was an intern. I want to remember what it was like "when I was a resident."


Let's start with my "day in the life" of an intern.

I trained in a big program. There were 24 categorical peds resident spots and 12 (maybe more?) medicineand pediatric spots.  THAT IS A BIG PROGRAM.

Good thing about big programs ~ if one or two or more residents go on maternity leave, the call sched is not hurt that much. There are tons of sub specialties covered in the hospital that there are about 12 residents on call each night. Our program also covered 3 hospitals (the children's hospital, the county hospital and the mother baby unit at a nearby hospital).

When I trained, the call structure was different.
The 80-hour work week limit has been in placed for a couple of years before I started intern year. I am so thankful for that.

The cut off was also 30 consecutive work hour limit for ALL residents (not just upper levels, but also interns). This meant: changeover started at 7a, and when a resident is on call, he/she will work until 1p the next day (or sooner if the work gets done... but that infrequently happens).

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In 2011, the cut off for interns changed to 16 consecutive workhour limit.
Then programs started the terms "short call" and "long call".

I have never had to do "short calls" or "long calls."

I just had long calls. PERIOD.

But basically, short calls mean: an intern comes in at 7a and then out by 10p. i thought that scenario was actually tiring. Because the next day is not a day-off. In fact, interns after a night of short call, have to come in the next day at 7a again. {there must be a 8-10 hour off-the hospital break before going back in}

Long calls - I explained that above. Long calls can mean 7a of day 1 up to 28 hours later which makes it to 11a. the 30 hour work limit has been decreased to 28 hours just in the past years "since I was a resident."

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Celine mini luggage
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This is getting too long. I will officially start my "day in the life of an intern" on part ii.
stay tuned.

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