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polka dot button down, similarmine is old
Valentino mini crossbody, preloved.
if you want to splurge, here's a similar one

Who takes your photos?
My husband and 6.5 yo son take my photos.
Have you seen this video? Hubs has fully embraced his instagram/blogger husband role. It started with rolling of his eyes and questions like: again? photos again?
now he doesn't ask those questions anymore.
My son still does though.

Do you pay them?
I don't. It's part of my hubs' husband responsibilities. {lol!}
I told my son I will pay him 50c for each photo session. He has not asked or collected yet. Good thing they are all published here. I can look back and count how many times he has taken my photos.
He's gotten a long way..His early days as my photographere here.... and all the way here....

How about Isabel? She can take your photos, right?
She can take iPhone photos alright. It's still hit or miss though. Sometimes my head is cut off.
She does not have a steady hand, yet. So the big camera is out of the question.
But yes, if I am still posting OOTD photos for years to come, I have 3 more in training besides my eldest. {har!}

How do you do it all? 
short answer: I don't.

long answer: I don't do it all.
This blog features mostly outfits and happy smiles from my kids. however, that's only one side of the coin. My house is not always clean. My children misbehave. I  don't wear make-up all the time. I love jeans and tee-shirts kind of day.

What? you blog?
I don't broadcast my blog at work. In fact, I don't really like talking about the blog at work. That's my professional side. This one is my creative outlet... my therapy... I also post faith and family opinions here that I don't talk about at work.

Are you guys done? {referring to having more babies}
I don't think so. I am happy with my four babies.
However, in my heart
We sure would like to space them more than 2 years though!

You have four kids? really? you look so young.
well, thank you!
I thank my Asian genes.

Do you have any other questions for me?
Comment below!

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  1. LOL that video!!! You look glamorous, as always!

  2. LOL that video!!! You look glamorous, as always!


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