it's sunny and we love it

Lucy and St. Lucy

Lucy's baby mocs c/o Freshly Picked.

Beautiful Lucy joined me today for our weekly after Mass and lunch photo shoot.
She was more interested people and dog watching. Although hubs captured a few smiles from her. 

The trail was busy because, you guessed it, it was nice and sunny on the low 50s here. 

Lucy's tights
Lucy's baby mocs

There she is watching more dogs...
my favorite wedges are sold out, but there's more where they came from

After a full week at the hospital wards -- this weekend was such a blessing. I napped both days ~ thanks hubs! Besides church with the family, I did not have to go to the grocery store, run errands or do whatever. that's my type of recovery.

Tomorrow is a Monday.

And thanks for a restful weekend, I am ready to tackle me some Monday.

Since you made it all the way to the bottom, I have a video for you.

Mass was longer than usual because Confirmation candidates were recognized today. It is the largest group I have seen! There were 30 highschoolers. We went to our former parish when hubs and I were just newlyweds... we cannot believe that one of the boys from a family of 7 is now getting confirmed. I guess that makes sense.... he was about 4-6 then (?) fast forward 10 years and he is getting confirmed.

I had the opportunity to discuss with Daniel what getting confirmed means. Not sure if he got it or it stuck.

nevertheless, I rewarded the children for a little bit of fun in the sun before we headed out to lunch.

I hope you had a blessed weekend.
I was MIA this week. I hope to post my old winter outfits from days past because spring is coming!

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