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It was a busy weekend. 

First off Friday night paint night. It has been 35 weeks since I've gone for a paint class with cocktails. I've painted at home for my sister's bday gift but that took forever. Those flowers were hard. They broke me. 

Apparently it took ~20 weeks till I was ready to paint again. 

Oh I missed it. 

See my gargantuan alien building. It is supposed to be the Eiffel Tower. But I was not sure if it's a hybrid of the space needle and the Eiffel Tower. Mine is neither. 

After a lazy Saturday, we all joined Daniel for his scouts night at the hockey game. My children were awesome. Nobody had a meltdown. Nobody fussed. We stayed there until the buzzer hit 0.00 on the clock. 

Daniel did not want to shoot the puck after the game -- whew. No complaints for this mama. There were about 500 or more kids in line to shoot the puck. We got his BSA circle of fun patch. Pretty cool!

I snap chatted a few moments. Here's the summary on YouTube. 

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LV mon monogram in Neverfull MM

Come super bowl Sunday:
After Mass, hubs and I went to the musical Sweeney Todd. It was "well-down." {got it? meat pies well-down?}

I wore this outfit!

And then of course, we watched SuperBowl 50 and supported Peyton Manning

I am so happy for him! He did a fun interview on the TodayShow. He's a pro. He's been doing interviews for YEARS/Decades. Glad he did not budge and he did not say things that he will regret. Whether he retires or not, I am just so happy for him!

I hope he retires as a Colt. Even if he does not retire as a Colt -- he will be in the Hall of Fame as a COLT. you said so, hubs. counting on your word!

I don't like jampacking my weekends like that... but it was fun. 
How about you? What did you do this weekend?

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