FriYAY! + ramblings for 7qt

1. Wow - this week went by fast!
Probably because I sort of skipped Monday and Tuesday.
Monday was post-Superbowl haze. 

Tuesday was mardi gras and I made biscuits and gravy.
I was on-call too so I really wanted to fast forward that night...

Truly, to all my med student readers out there -- it's not really THAT bad. I actually got some sleep!

Wednesday - well it's ASH Wednesday.
I wrote a post about my Lenten goals. 

2. The Valentine's Day Party was a success!
I will share what the children did... with a few photos, of course.

Here's a sneak peak.

3.  Meatless meals
Thanks to Kathryn -- I have a super easy, looks-good recipe.
Share some of your fave meatless meals, please. I need inspiration!

earrings, gift from my friend MR
other pink options

4. This outfit
I love it when an outfit that "I just threw on" that morning turns out alright! Sometimes I stand in front of my closet, trying to figure out what matches this skirt with a thick sweater that I need to wear because it's gonna get warmer soon.

This casual look was worn when I dropped off a meal for a new mom. That's one of my fave things to do!

5. Did you enter Colleen's giveaway yet?
I specially like the lego rosary. That's such an awesome idea for busy boys!
Dear Daniel, I have an idea for your birthday present this summer! love, mummy. 

6. I have something about gold shoes.
I own a pair of Gold TOMS.
Now these Gold MK flats... (this pair is silver....)
And of course, Lucy's Baby Mocs with gold polka dots.

7. I am looking forward to this Saturday's event!
It's a double date! My son is taking me to his school dance. My daughter is taking my husband.
I have my outfit all planned out already. {of course!}

It's going to be blast.
here's to friYAY, friends!

faux fur vest via zulily, similar
Top via hautelook
ripped jeans, thrifted
Louis Vuitton favorite
MK flats

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  1. Evie would love that rosary- so cool! And I love when unplanned outfits come together. :)


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