Valentine's day weekend

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Valentines Day weekend recap

The older children were *supposed to stay with their grandparents Friday night but they changed their minds. So Friday date night was a family date night. 

The highlight of the weekend was the Valentine's Day dance at the children's school. Daniel took me and Isabel took daddy. 

The predance date was at Qdoba. That's what happens when we let the 6 year old and the 4 year old decide where to go. (It could have been worse. It could have been McDonald's! yikes)

I was hoping we'd go to the other Mexican place because of the margarita. Boohoo, no predance margarita for this mama.
Probably a good thing, eh?


fashion ring and bracelet 
gift from auntie Feli.

It took an hour for my children to warm up and dance. They just sat there and watched the other students. They wanted to play checkers instead of dance. 

They didn't get their daddy and mummy's genes. Derrick and I just dance though the only ones on the dance floor. 

15 minutes before the end of the school dance, they finally went out and danced with us. It was so cute. And worth dressing up for that! 

Click here for the video!


necklace, from FrenchLick

Sunday was Scout Sunday so it was busy in the morning but finally slowed down after lunch. Our usual after Mass lunch is closed. The owners are on their annual trip to Asia. Since I was craving steak (not that often I crave steak) I asked if we can all go to a steakhouse. The children actually ate their steak meal from the kids' menu. They also got little trinkets from the server. 

Bastian's toy only lasted the meal and didn't even make it home. It already broke and drained water. Isabel got a sticky heart. Daniel received an Avengers light up sticker. 

Ms. Lucy got a key pull charm. The highlight of her lunch is not charm but the mashed potatoes! It was loaded with butter. She loved it. 

She is a good eater like her kuya Bastian! I didn't bring her her baby food. I thought she'd just nap. So we let her try the mashed potatoes. {4th child... I'd never do that with Daniel}

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Thanks to newchic for sponsoring this post... and letting me choose the perfect skirt for the most fun school dance. I grew up in the Philippines and went to a conservative Catholic high school. Our prom was actually "cancelled" so I never really went to a real school dance.

I think going with my eldest is the most fun.

I don't think I missed much.

I am making up for it now.

Just in case you missed the video link above, I am posting it here again (hint, hint for my mom or grandma who might have missed it)

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