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Lenten plans
Listening to formed.org
If you have a subscription to this website - what talks or lessons do you suggest? There is a section on Lent so that's what I'll be listening to during my commute. I also listen while I am meal prepping for the week or when I fold laundry. I find that my chores are "doable" when I pray the rosary or listen to a presentation/podcast/Bible study. 

Memorizing Scripture 
My planner is so helpful. {mine is sold out, I could not find it on amazon anymore.. but here's the brown faux leather version. I have the seafoam green version} There's a verse on the left page and an encouraging quote on the right.  I memorize a scripture every couple of days. I meditate and pray about it.

necklace via jcrew factory

cowlneck sweater via hautelook
Valentino crossbody

What I'm giving up
  • Cookies 
  • Shoe shopping. Hubs will like this.  I hope this doesn't backfire on me. It did about a decade ago. After Easter, I went and splurged and bought outrageous amount of clothes in one sitting. Oh online shopping.
  • Cheese danish from Starbucks. Hubs will say just give up Starbucks altogether.... But coffee? Give up coffee??? Aaaaahhhh. So instead I'm giving up my second fave thing from Starbucks which is the cheese Danish.

Thoughts on fasting
For the past 6 years, I've been either pregnant or nursing, so I haven't fasted. But I do try to avoid treats that day. I don't really splurge on my meals either. There are no trips to the buffet.... There won't be any chocolate, candy or ice cream on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. 

I will still be abstaining from meat on all Fridays of Lent, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. 

It answers who are exempt from fasting. 

What are your Lenten plans?
Do you fast? Do you abstain from meat?
Do you extra corporal works of mercy?
If you are nursing or pregnant, what are you little ways of sacrifices since you may not want to fast? {Rosie wrote a nice post about this}

Thanks for reading... if you want to be outfit twins, here are the deets:

necklace via jcrew factory
cowlneck sweater via hautelook
Valentino crossbody

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  1. Love that shade of purple! And of course reading about no cookies makes me want to go eat cookies... Sigh. Sunday's coming, though ;)


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