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I was late for church. 

We have done so well every Sunday despite the craziness of trying to get out of the house. But this morning, I wasn't just late. I was very, very late. 

My boys made it 30 minutes earlier because of  Scout Sunday. They're prepared!

My girls and I were late... And it's all because of my pure negligence. 

smiling here... but not when entering during the readings. 

Because I overslept. I woke up but still decided to cuddle with Lucy. 

Because I read my email for a couple of minutes instead of heading downstairs. 

I decided to take a shower instead of just changing. 

Then when the baby woke up I knew she had to be fed. But I kept going and prepping for Mass. 
The baby cried when I was about to place her in the carrier. I cannot bear hearing a baby cry specially since I know what she needs. 

So I sat and fed her. I fixed Isabel's hair with one hand. Never done that before but you gotta do what you gotta do. At that point, I knew we were gonna be late. Ugh.


Lucy ate so fast. Thanks, sweetheart. 

And finally we were out the door. 

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One thing about being late is that all the great parking spots are gone. I still went to the school parking even though my gut instinct told me there will be NO spots. I did anyway.

I passed once and confirmed what I initially thought and then turned around to park on the street. 

I had to parallel park which took another couple of minutes. The walk was a tad slower than I anticipated with a preschooler and the baby. 

It's not their fault. I take all the blame for being late. 

cropped sweater, old, from express
Boots via zulily
headband, similar 
cocktail ring via zulily

I so needed the grace for this day and coming week. Once, I skipped communion because it didn't feel right as I was gone most of the Mass. I was working and on-call. I missed the readings and part of the homily. So I didn't go to communion. I felt so so sad then. I missed the grace. I missed receiving the Lord. :(

Today, my heart was telling me I cannot receive communion.... But I did anyway. I told myself I needed the grace. I didn't know how I could endure a week without receiving the Lord. 

So that's another confession... Maybe I should not have received communion since I was VERY late. But I did anyway. 

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