Durham and Raleigh weekend

I had a free weekend with my sister and her children. It was short and sweet but definitely fun!

A continuing medical education {CME- if you speak doctor language} opportunity was offered at Duke medical center. It was a packed 8 hour Saturday. I tweeted a few take home points, if you care.

I may have a free weekend away from my crew but that doesn't mean I'm free of kids. Once a mom, always a mom, right? Nathaniel is as busy as ever. Amelia is now walking independently!

While I was at the Peds Neuro course update on patient management, my sister took the kids to the museum of life and sciences. I heard it is a must-see if you're ever in Durham.

Then Sunday, after waking up at 8:30a, oh so glorious! We went back to Duke university and visited Sarah Duke gardens. The place is free and beautiful. {I also recommend this place}

My sister wanted to try burgers at chucks. It was located at downtown Raleigh. So we trekked back to the city. The dark chocolate cake milkshake is amazing. {another recommendation}

I found marbles kids museum when I googled for things to do with kids. Glad we also went! Our 2 hour stay was not enough. But we got to see the farm area, splash area, activity gym and sports and painting/carpentry.

It was a sweet weekend. I miss my sister and her kids already. But who am I kidding -- it's nice to be home with this bunch too!

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