pregnancy wardrobe {skirts}

Target maternity top // Target maxi skirt (now midi ~ girls XL!) // saltwater sandals via Ebay //
necklace via zulily

Target maxi skirt (now midi ~ girls XL!) // saltwater sandals via Ebay

Where did I get this idea to wear nonmaternity skirts as empire waist and make them look like dresses? Awesome mom, Lisa of littlelovesoflife! She was so cute with her bump a few months ago. She wore her skirts just like that! The belly bump is accentuated. Instead of just a big tent over the basketball belly.  

I do not have swelling but as you can see from above, my ankles are huge! cankles anyone? Instead of being size 7.5, I am an 8, pushing to 8.5. I cannot wear my pumps or my MK flats that I just bought a couple of weeks ago. 

The baby needs +/- 6 weeks of incubation but for sure, I cannot wait to wear my fave shoes again. 

photo cred: lilD

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  1. You look so cute! Great skirt, and I love those saltwaters. I think my feet grew a half size from this last pregnancy, so most of my heels are too small. :-/ Thanks for the shout-out. :)

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