see you at the alley {wiws}

As I sit here, enduring this sugar high headache for the next hour, then hypoglycemia-bottoming out headache, let me share our Sunday's shenanigans.

Mr. Fun-parent took the children to the park and a quick hike at the river trails. What did I do? oh well, play 3 different criminal case apps. I haven't solved any of the cases yet because I am cheap and I do not want to pay the extra "power-up" or "energy" or see the "instant results" of the autopsy or evidence analysis... It's a free game. I am ok waiting for a few minutes or hours to continue playing it.

Plus, I am scratching my eyes out because of the high pollen alert? who has the same probs as me during April and May? aaaahhhh......

so here's what we I wore yesterday to Mass.

Motherhood Maternity top // Old Navy super skinny Rockstar maternity pants

My new splurge: Michael Kors ballet flats from Nordstrom Rack

I returned some stuff from my online shopping... The CK pumps were too small (yay preggo feet!). The Northface jacket color was way too bright for me. Too bad I did not like the shape of the very- much-discounted Fossil sunglasses. Then Isabel and I went to the shoe section and I found the MK gold flats.

My plan to take a pict bythe church door did not work out. So alley it is.... so fancy!

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  1. You look so cute! Love that top. I hear you on the pollen front...allergies are no fun, especially with contacts...icky.


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