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Daniel is wrapping up his first season of rec sports. Being a first time sports mom, I missed registration for Tee-ball and soccer last year. I did not know that spring sports registration start around wintertime! And that little league registration is as early as December. {No worries, I have the date already on my calendar so I won't be missing registration}.

Our Tee-ball league is always in need of volunteer coaches. I asked Derrick if he's ok to be asst coach on the registration form. He agreed. Come start of the season: he was nominated as HEAD coach! yep.

I'd say Derrick did great his first year coaching -- having not played Tee ball or baseball himself (!) Honestly, it was more admin stuff than anything. Emailing the other coaches for weather cancellations. Reminding parents for practice or Friday night games, etc.  Coaching these kids is easy... just tell them, run, bat, catch, stay here, hustle etc. 

Daniel had so much fun! He said he is ready for Little League next year!

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