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Old Navy top // Gap maternity tank// JCpenney Maternity tights // Chinese Laundry sandals 

Old Navy top // Gap maternity tank// JCpenney Maternity tights // Chinese Laundry sandals 

Would you believe that my belly is measuring smaller than expected? every visit after 20 weeks, OBs or midwives or NPs usually measure fundal height. They use a tape measure -- point A is the pubic symphysis all the way to point B, top of the fundus or uterus. Since 28 weeks gestation, I measured 0.5 cm below what is expected. When I went a week ago, apparently my belly did not grow! what?

Baby D4 is moving fine. I am not feeling anything different or unusual... besides the back pain. But to be safe, my OB ordered an ultrasound to check fluid status and baby's size. Is the baby transverse or breech presentation?  Is the baby descending too soon down the pelvic area (as in engaged and getting ready for labor)? I do not know... and I hope not. Baby D4 still has more or less 6 weeks for some growing in utero.

photo cred: my kindergartner

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  1. I hope everything is okay, Sarah! . . . Your kindergartener is a great photographer!


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