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I thank all those sweet people telling me I am all belly... Thanks for not noticing my thighs or my big chubby arms. Call it laziness and getting old, but this pregnancy is kicking my butt in the weight department. I am constantly hungry. I have been telling myself "eat more protein" instead of the carbs I crave. People say you crave things that your body needs. Is that true? I don't think my body needs more fat deposits from carb storage... I eat things or crave things that are not my usual go-to meals.

Deli sandwiches (specially Jimmy John's delivery)
Starbucks chocolate croissant

I miss my discipline before pregnancy and before the postpartum/breastfeeding hunger. I survived with salad and lean meats. I was okay counting calories and making sure that they are not "empty calories" meaning no nutritive value... Now, I just shrug it off when i see that the chocolate croissant is 270 cal. So what, I want to EAT IT!

Pregnant with baby D4 at 32 weeks. weight gain -- through the roof. And I still have +/- 8 weeks to go.

So how about something positive about this pregnancy? there must be something positive... well, of course. I may be tired at the end of the day but I would rather do hospital coverage (aka wards) now rather than during postpartum and I am thinking about pumping all the time.

So this week, I am back to wearing my dansko's and my compression stockings. Bye bye, pretty red sandals...

Bastian says bye-bye.

This sweetheart is 20months old. He is growing up on us. But he is still my baby. He is in for a big surprise. Just like Daniel at this age, he has no idea that a baby in mummy's tummy is  going to replace him as the "youngest." it's a boy thing. Because when I was pregnant with Bastian, Isabel at 20 months old knew that a baby is coming. Knowing that a baby is coming AND life with a baby are different things though. Isabel was also surprised with the changes.

Bastian is a hugger like his older brother, Daniel. They are such sweet kids. I am blessed.

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