oh what a year!

D of D-isis: the fun parent. The responsible parent. He does everything. I mean everything… minus being the vessel for these babies that look like him… oh and minus cooking. Well, one cannot have everything.
He is busy at work and once he stepped in as acting supervisor for a few weeks. He loves to work at home when it’s devoid of Isis and the children. I do not blame him.

Isis of D-isis: the other parent.  I am finally done with residency after 5.5 years and 3 maternity leaves. Call. Us. Crazy. I will not forget that just a year ago, I did not have a signed contract. Fast forward, I am truly blessed to stay near family, work at an amazing hospital and group of people and still be able to stay at home part-time. Balancing my role is an ever-learning process. Call it continuing motherhood education – similar to my responsibility to keep myself up-to-date with medical knowledge.

And now the crew:
D: the KUYA, the sweetheart. He’s a kindergartner! He amazes me with his brain-sponge. Academically, he’s at the same level as his older peers. He is (second) youngest in his class. Mature-wise, we have a lot of things to learn. Let’s just say that he cannot have any screen time (wii or ipad or computer) if he gets 3 clips down (3 warnings = red). Think of the Rainbow – ROYGBIV – Red is “parent-contact i.e. email from the teacher” and purple/pink is awesome behavior!

I: the cutie, the boss. I was afraid she had speech delay a year ago. Now she is a talker! She still messes up her K’s. They sound like T’s. She started one-day-a-week 2.5 hour preschool that is walking distance from  our house. She also started taking Hula classes. It still takes her ½ hour to warm up to people but the teachers are so understanding. She is their tiniest hula dancer.

SJ: the baby, the serious one. He did not crawl. Instead he scooted everywhere. When he finally started walking, he had a mishap and had his first broken leg. This year, he already had two ER visits – one for gastroenteritis and dehydration, one for broken bone. That’s what my mom calls third-child syndrome. I should write a book about it. SJ is super serious and loves to stare at people, especially strangers. The two people that could make him laugh are his kuya Daniel and this parent (not the fun parent as you’d probably guess) but this one.. right here!

Trips of 2014:
12 hour drive to Jacksonville, NC to visit the St. Louis
Another grueling 10-11 hour drive to  Williamsburg, VA. Forget the drive, it was a fun trip!

Birthday celebrations:
June – my birthday weekend in Cincy
July – the fun parent’s celebration at a downtown steakhouse; Daniel’s super samurai party at the park
September – SuperBaby turned 1!
November – Snow Queen Isabel invited her friends for gymnastics fun.

This post is originally printed as our Christmas newsletter and now lovingly published here on the blog. Have a blessed and prosperous NEW YEAR!

{{photos by: H.Sugianto}}

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