confessions {7qt}

One reason I blog is to have an outlet for confessions. this week, it's all about the dark and ugly (not really!)

1. Addicted to tv
I mentioned on this week's  five faves that I'm in the Castle mood. Well. Here's the rest of the line-up of the videos I borrowed from the library. 

2. Sloth 
I'm embarrassed to admit it but it's a well known fact... I'm the laziest of the laziest. 

3. I forget that Daniel is only 5. 
My eldest and I get into fights the mornings I drop him off at school. If I'm the laziest, he's the slowest.... Every second in the morning is precious. I hate being tardy. My husband reminds me that I still have to "hand-hold" him sometimes and not expect him to follow through with ALL of my commands or requests all the time. 

How about you? What age do you expect independence?

4. I must have peaked in college. 
Some of my med school friends mentioned that they cruised along undergrad but had to step it up for med school  and really study. Those are the geniuses. I, on the other hand, peaked in college. I was boring. I rarely went out. I had to study for this class and complete that project. Boring. 

So in med school, I had to find balance or else I was going to go crazy. I may have earned my MD and my finished my residency but I still need some "oomph" because medicine is a lifelong education thing. Procrastination, go away! 

5. I shut down. 
When one of my babies (you'll probably guess who) cries and whines and fall apart, I shut down. It's the unfortunate defense shutdown bec I remember that infant period with this child. "I fed you, I changed you, I am holding you but you're still crying." What Do You Want? (Pulling my hair!) 

6. Workout partner
It's something for my spouse to sign up as my workout partner. But it's truly remarkable when he does Zumba videos and popsugar booty barre workouts! He's relieved when we workout with this instead. 

7. My last take is not a confession. 
We celebrated St. Sebastian's feastday Tuesday. How beautiful is this rosary he received from his godparents?!

Thanks for making it through the very end. For more quick takes and less confessions ~ head on over to Kelly's

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  1. Oh I don't know... I'm pretty lazy too! My house is in such disarray this week because I just cannot get it together! (And I love that rosary - we have a similar one here!)

  2. I love that rosary! And I am definitely prone to laziness, too. Also, it's hard not to expect a lot from the oldest- that's something I'm always trying to work on. I forget Evie's only 3. :)


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