ColtSunday {wiws}

I have to be creative on Football Sundays. I do not want to wear my Colts jersey to Mass every single Sunday. I thought about wearing my bright blue tights from zulily but the end-result was a little bit much. I stayed with the black tights with the black sweater dress and blue plaid.

Target plaid button-down ~ similar // BR factory sweater dress, old // nordstrom rack tights // Mia booties

Mass Behaviors:
Pretty impressed with the children's behaviors this week. They kept themselves busy with the coloring books. Thank goodness. One mini meltdown occurred and Sebastian had to be taken at the back but I would call this Sunday a pretty good Mass!

Andrew Luck (SJ) - A
Reggie Wayne (Daniel) - A+
Isabel - A+

// Andrew Luck jersey ~ gift  //

The boys wore their jerseys. Isabel and I were more creative. She wore a pink long sleeve shirt, then Chambray dress and tights. She wanted her picture taken with her crown. (for real)

Old navy puffer // chambray Gap dress ~ similar // long sleeve shirt // Old Navy leggings

We have a few more hours before the game. I'd like to take a nap now :)
Happy Sunday, friends. Go to Mass today. 

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up - those boots are fabulous!!

    1. Thanks for visiting :) i love this wiws link up.

  2. So cute! Sorry about the colts loss :(

    1. I know so sad. :(
      till next season....


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