lace dress + boots {date your children}

I took Isabel to her first ballet a couple of weeks ago. We watched the Indiana Ballet Conservatory's The Nutcracker. There were a lot of moms and daughters, even dads and daughters at the ballet.

The ballet was still a little bit too long for my 3 year old's attention but all-in-all she enjoyed it! Her eyes lit up when the ballerinas came out in their shiny, pretty tutus and performed their grand jetes and pirouettes. 

It was a wonderful afternoon with my little girl. She and I love to dress up. So that afternoon at the ballet, we wore our fancy dresses and pretended we were also ballerinas.

This dress is the 3rd dress I got for a great deal at the Saks sale. I wore the first black dress here... and then another black dress here....

Tory Burch Britten Clutch

Zara booties

J. crew factory bracelet

Isabel missed the photo session. She was napping. But I did take a few of her at the IMA while waiting for our ride.

Isn't she adorable? :)

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  1. Ah, I love your dress! And that sounds llike a fun daughter-date. I hope to do that next year. :)

  2. So happy that I came across your blog! That lace dress is gorgeous on you, and your daughter is so cute! :]


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