surprise. i played

What's play? It's truly foreign to me. You'd be suprised because I have three kids and I should a be a pro at playing with them. But ask my sister or my cousins.... I was a bookworm when I was young (and even now). I seldom went outside to play. Do not get me wrong. I did play but not as much as what I think a "normal" child would want to. True, I did not have much desire to play. I joined my cousins for the occasional charades or monopoly board game. but all in all, someone might say I missed out on a lot of fun but I just did not have the desire.

I mostly watch on the sidelines as my children play. I join on their peek-a-boo games or tea time.... but I do not do it as much. I wish I do! (hence it's true that I am the boring parent).

So when my eldest aked me to help him build this, I begrudingly agreed (yes, horrible mom alert).

To my surprise, playing with legos and building something was actually pleasing and fun! oh yes, I had fun. Daniel and I worked as a team. I think most importantly, I spent time with him, not just "watch him play".

To see his great joy when we finished the fighter plane after 3 nights was really something. He is so proud of himself. I was proud of him too.

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