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1. Blogging has been sporadic lately. But you'll always find me gramming. I successfully took/posted 365 photos from 2014. Use hashtag 365photodisis to browse. I realized I missed labeling some days but rest assured I did take 365 photos. Proof: they are on my iPad or computer.

2. Next project: I thought about doing it again this year. Another 365 photo project. But I failed already. So..... Derrick gave me this idea to do a 52 photo project. Then at least I can pick photos that best represent that week for me and my family.

3. Another project: who prints their digital photos? I should definitely do it. I should just do it. My 365photo project will be a perfect first album, huh?

4. Now the children: Bastian is 16 months old and still not talking. Just like walking, it took him till 14-15 months, but look at him now. He's all over the place. He mostly grunts and screams. More grunts than screams, thank goodness. He points to his wants too so that's helpful. He calls his milk 'na-na'. It's not banana anymore. He signs milk, more and all done. So at least we have some communication there.

I asked about a hearing exam. But the pediatrician said monitor for now as he understands, follows commands and points. Let's remember that this is my third child nicknamed serious Sebastian because he barely made a peep or squeak. I'm thankful he can make sounds!

5. Daniel continues to flourish in kindergarten. I'm so impressed with his writing, sight reading skills and time-telling. I don't remember learning all these things at 5 years of age. Maybe I did??

6. We celebrated Isabel's baptism day yesterday. Her face lit up as I explained how she became God's princess. {princess made an impact -- choice of words}.

catechizing little minds about baptism and becoming God's children

7. Lastly, guess who celebrated 10 years of togetherness?
D-Isis did!
It was a quiet, romantic dinner on New Year's Day. Glad we skipped out on the busyness of New Year's Eve. Technically, we started dating when the clock struck midnight on New Years day and then spent NY night on our first date out.

Call me OCD. I'm a stickler for dates.

Coat from hautelook // Zara boots // Macy's sweater dress

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  1. Congrats on 10 years, and look at you- using baptismal candles to celebrate their bapt. days. That's something I never think to do!


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